Swastika symbol Benefits depicts from Lord “Shri Ganesha Ji” son of Lord Shiva. The swastika symbol is a combination of two words “SU” and “ASATI”. The meaning of “Su is Good” and Asati means “Exist”. By placing It at the main entrance of the home, will spread “positive energies” and protect from negativity. Besides, it is a sign of peaceful energy, it can be placed in “Any direction”.

It brings prosperity and good luck to the family members. We can place it in any form whether it be a pyramid swastika or in copper etc. you can also make a…

The selection of colors for the bedroom is not as hard as it looks. However, it confuses us as there are endless options available. we will explain the top 5 Paint Color Ideas for Bedroom 2021 and how to combine and use them for Bedrooms.

Top 5 Paint Color Ideas

#1. Blue (Top 5 Paint Color Ideas for Bedroom 2021)

Blue color has always been the first choice in terms of relaxation. It brings positive effects on the mind as well as helps slow down the human metabolism. There are different ways to go about creating blue color combinations for bedrooms. …

Small apartments can also be comfortable and stylish. When it comes to designing small spaces it is all about tricking the eye to believe that space is much larger. Decorating and designing small spaces is all about visual manipulation. (Small Apartment Designing Tips)

Small Apartment

#1. A mirror can extend your space

Placing a mirror in right place is all about manipulation in a small apartment. We can use a large mirror to give the illusion of expansion to the room. it makes a larger appearance and looks natural by reflecting artificial light.

Moreover, The best place for a mirror is opposite a window. …

Vastu Makes Life

Vastu Shastra is a combination of science and Veda Shastra. We will share Vastu tips and how to maximize interior Design Concept.

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